Over 60 Brands at BootBay


Tucker’s first time on stand. We were in the Dragoon Mountain’s about 9am. I had my Savage 243 Winchester with the video camera, shooting sticks, Wildlife Technology electronic call, fawn decoy and I was sitting in a portable chair wearing camouflage clothing. I had Tucker on a 6’ leash tied to my left leg with about 2’ of slack. Had him sit next to me and he did well for the first 5 minutes and the last 15. The middle 25 I had to keep making him sit because he kept getting up and moving around. For the first time and his age I wasn’t disappointed. Just need to take him on more stands and work some more on sit and stay commands.


5:00am in the flats below the Dragoons setup on stand overlooking a little valley about 250 yards across. The only differences in this stand are I had my AR15 and no video camera. Tucker was full of energy and wouldn’t sit still the first 3-5 minutes. He was good the next 10 until a jackrabbit ran in front of us and stop about 100 yards out. It was all over then I couldn’t keep him still for more than 15 to 30 seconds. So I ended the stand and released Tucker only after he sat still for about a minute.

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