One thing that isn’t discussed much, that I think is very important to being successful at hunting coyotes or on any predator hunts is what you sit on at your stand. Successful predator hunters keep their movements to a minimum. This can be difficult if you’re not comfortable with how you are sitting. And most people will move around in an effort to get comfortable. Below I’ll explain the different hunting seats and where to use them.

Before I get into explaining the different hunting seats, I need to inform you that there isn’t one seat for every situation. Just like there isn’t one firearm for all predators.  If you are just getting started and only want to purchase one seat, I would recommend you get one that is best for the area you will be doing most of your hunting.


Are the bare minimum that you will want to use. They help protect your butt from sticks, rocks, stickers, moisture, heat and cold. Cushions can be used on just about any stand with the exception of when you are in thick cover on level ground. Your shooting lanes are small and it’s hard to see predators approaching. The other draw back to them is there isn’t a back support. However, the advantages are, they are inexpensive, light and easy to carry. They are ideal for elevate stands with little or no cover and in rocky elevated stands. When I’m hunting my way up into a canyon, a cushion is what I take for the simple reason they are light and easy to carry. Cushions can be simple like Mossy Oak Deluxe Camo Foam Cushion
that Amazon sells for about $14. Cabela’s Speed Seat™ ½-Vest is a fancier one that sells for $59.99 at Cabela’s.

I have both and I prefer the Speed Seat for the fact it has a padded waist belt, storage pockets and seat folds up and down easily. The extra cost is well worth it to me.


Cabela’s has now come out with a new vest that has a kick stand and more pockets.

Speedy 'Yote Kickstand Vest

It’s a little pricey at $139.99, but might be worth it if you are hiking in far from your truck.











Portable stools are used mainly in thick cover with little to no elevation. You are looking to get a little more elevation to increase your shooting lanes and to be able to see if a coyote is trying to work downwind on you. A hunting stool can be simple like Cabela’s 5 Gallon Bucket/Spin Seat Combo that Cabela’s sells for $14.99.

Or you can spend a few dollars more for Allen Company Three Legged folding Stool for $19.99 at Amazon.
The advantage of three legs is they are more stable on uneven ground. The hunting stool I prefer is the three legged on with a back support. Amazon sells a nice one for $39.99, the ALPS OutdoorZ Rhino MC Hunting Stool.

Any of these stools can also be used in most ground blinds.



Hunting chairs are ideal for any stand that you would use a cushion. The hunting chairs that work well for hunting predators were designed for turkey hunting. These portable chairs are low to the ground, have a good back support and fold up for easy carrying. With them being so comfortable, it is easier to stay on stand for longer periods of time to call in a bobcat or maybe a cougar. The one I use is MAC Sports Camo Turkey Hunting Chair from Amazon that sells for $41.99.

This camo chair is very comfortable, folds up small and is easy to carry. I use this chair on most of my stands for the fact it’s so comfortable.



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