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As of 7/2016

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Nonresident Hunting License: Nonresident trapper $250 + Conservation License $10

Hunter Education Required: Yes for a hunting license and born after 1/1/1985

Montana Hunting Regulations:

License required for coyotes: Montana statute classifies predators as coyote, weasel, (striped) skunk, and civet cat (spotted skunk). Predator shooting is not regulated by federal or state law or regulation. Predators can be shot in Montana year-round without a license by both resident and nonresident hunters. A Conservation License, or a state school trust lands recreational use license, is required to shoot predators on state school trust lands. Permission must be obtained to shoot predators on private land.

Legal Weapons: The best I can tell it’s open to all weapons

Bag Limit & Season: No limit and open all year.

 Night Hunting: Not Sure: would need to call.

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