7:30am the Dragoon Mountains. I had my Savage 243 Winchester, electronic call, MOJO decoy, fawn decoy, shooting sticks, portable chair and wearing camo clothes. After about 2 or 3 minutes of playing cottontail distress a fox came in and was totally interested in the decoys and never saw us. The fox only stayed a few seconds and left. Tucker only stood up when the fox left. I didn’t shoot at the fox because I was trying to call in a lion. Tucker sat or lay down until the end of the stand about 45 minutes.

3:00pm in the foothills of the Dragoons after a rain trying to call in a coyote. The only thing different from the previous stand is I had my AR15 rifle. About 2 or 3 minutes into the stand a fox came in and tucker stayed sitting. So I shot over the top of the fox to see how Tucker would react to the firing of an AR15 rifle. The reason I shot over the top of the fox was the season wasn’t open for fox and their pelts wouldn’t be of any value this time of year. When I fired the rifle Tucker tried to pull away to the side of me and held tension on the leash. The fox didn’t leave, just moved closer to the MOJO decoy. I fired again over the fox and Tucker just stood still with tension on the leash. The fox then moved to the other side of the MOJO decoy and Tucker didn’t change his position. I fired again and the fox froze and Tucker stood still. I then released Tucker and he chased the fox out of sight. After the first shot from the AR15 rifle he did good.


5:00am in the flats below the Dragoons. I had my AR15 rifle, Wildlife Technologies electronic call, Flextone game calls, MOJO decoy, scent lures, shooting sticks, portable chair and wearing camouflage clothing. Used the two electronic game calls so I could use two different calls at the same time. Also sprayed the foliage near the call and decoy with scent lures to help bring in the coyote from downwind. Stayed on stand for 25 to 30 minutes without calling anything in. Tucker stayed sitting the whole time, but got pretty excited with the coyote vocals from the electronic call.

6:00am about a 1 ½ miles from the previous stand. This stand was on the SW side of a ridge under a mesquite tree, with the wind from the WSW. After about 15 minutes I had a coyote barking behind me. I started using barks and howls on the electronic game calls. We went back and forth for a few minutes. I then released Tucker and he immediately ran direction that the barks were coming from and returned shortly. We continued barking and howling for a few more minutes with Tucker lose. Tucker would run to the electronic call when it made bark or howl and would run to the top of the ridge looking for the coyote when it barked. Stayed quiet for about 15 minutes and didn’t see or hear the coyote. Tucker sat on top of the ridge during this time.

9:00am Dragoon Mountains: Changed to the 243 Winchester added the fawn decoy and only used the Wildlife Technologies electronic call. Was on stand for 45 minutes and didn’t call anything in. Tucker sat or laid down the whole time.

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