Cougar captured from a video taken on 11/19/13

A friend of mine, Craig and I decided to try hunting cougars south of Superior, AZ. I had to be back home early afternoon so we were only able to get in 3 stands. On the stands I had my AR 15 rifle and Craig had his 6 mm rifle. We each had a portable hunting chair and shooting sticks. On the stand that Craig called he used a Lucky Duck Revolution e-caller and I used my Wildlife Technologies e-caller.
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On all three stands we played mostly bobcat or cougar sounds with some prey distress sounds. Each of the stands lasted an hour and we didn’t see or hear anything.

Date 1/10/17
Time 7:30 to 1 pm
Temp Upper 40’s to Mid 60’s
Wind 0-10 mph
Sky PC
Elevation 3500
Moon Phase FM
# Stands 3L
Area 37B
Success No
# of
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