Welcome to #1 Hunt Buddy where my mission is to improve your success on hunting coyotes and all predators. Hunting predators is growing faster than any other form of hunting. With more pressure on the coyotes, they are getting smarter and their population is still growing. Also with the increase in the popularity of hunting coyotes there all more items being developed specifically for hunting coyotes. On this web site I’ll discuss some of these items that can help you when hunting coyotes. With each of these items I’ll discuss which one will give you, your best bang for your buck. I purchase most of my hunting accessories from Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Sportsman Warehouse, The Sportsman’s Guide or Amazon. Yes I said Amazon, you’ll be surprised at the diversity of their products for hunting coyotes and how competitively priced their merchandise is.

The main items I’m going to talk about aren’t discussed much and they could make the difference of bagging a coyote or not. The items that I’m highlighting fall under three categories: Predator Decoys, Hunting Seats, Cover Scents and Scent Lures. There are some great offers throughout the web site. For those that are just getting started I’ve got a Basics page that you should read first before going to the other pages. You also will want to check out my blog for other interesting information on hunting predators. The blog has the following categories hunting coyotes, hunting predators, hunting cougars, gallery, video, gear and training, regulations and misc. There is also a video page with videos from predator hunts. And there is a gallery and hunting regulations page. I’m planning on adding a forum page which will focus on bringing predator hunters together across the United States and possibly the world. Hopefully it will be on line within the few months.

The information on this web site is directed mainly towards hunting coyotes. However much of this information can be used on all predator hunts. You may register and leave a comment or you can email me with any question you may have.


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