Cover scents and attractants are probably the least used accessories when hunting coyotes. They aren’t real necessary to be successful at hunting coyotes; however they can give you a little edge to get the older wiser coyote. These are more beneficial when hunting coyotes than other predators for the simple fact that coyotes rely on their great sense of smell more so than a fox, bobcat or cougar.

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Cover Scents:

The use of cover scents is really only necessary if you’re hunting coyotes. I only use cover scents on stands with a cross wind, because the scent will only confuse the coyote for 2 or 3 seconds. Once the coyote picks up the human scent through the cover scent it will be gone. However, those extra seconds can make the difference between being successful or not. Cover scents that work well, is the different predator urines and skunk scent.

If the scent is concentrated, I’ll dilute it with water so I can use a spray bottle. Once in the spray bottle you will want to spray the scent on the foliage down wind of you so your human scent is covered. Both Bass Pro Shops and Amazon have skunk scent and Amazon  has some urines.
You can make your own if you wish, by mixing 5 to 6 different urines and using a spray bottle.



Attractants are most useful when using an electric call 20 to 50 yards from your stand. I use attractants mostly for hunting coyotes due to their nature of circling downwind. You want to spray the attractant on foliage near the call. If your stand has a cross wind right to left, you want to place the call to your right at about a 45° angle from your stand. This will give you more area to see if a coyote is circling downwind. With the sound from the call and the scent from the attractant, the coyote’s attention will most likely be on the location of the call. This should give you time to make the shot. If you use a hand call it will be more difficult, unless you use a decoy. In this situation you will want to place the decoy probably no more than 20 feet from you and spray the foliage with the attractant by the decoy. You will need to keep a close eye on your downwind area. The coyote lures I have used with good results is Wildlife Research Paws and Claws Predator Calling Scent and Coyote Juice Calling Scent.

Both of these can be found at Amazon for $14 a bottle or from The Sportsman’s Guide for $19.79 for both bottles of scent. I dilute the scent at about 50/50 with water and put the mixure in a spray bottle.

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